TYPHOON Meteorological Condition

of Landslide DISASTERS


Tetsuya Kubota,

Erosion Control Div. Forest Science Dept.

(19/November/2004 Updated)


This page is designed for the trial prognosis of the meso-scale meteorological condition related to landslide disasters with Typhoons.

Effective just for the Chugoku region & its surroundings Japan (regional area scale). Not effective to individual landslide slopes!

In general, the meteorological condition as rainfall has only Km order resolution, whereas most landslides have usually some 100m scale.

Therefore, regional scale prognosis are just provided here.


1. How to predict with Java applet

PjPut the values in the textboxes in the Java applet beneath:

@850hpa altitude dew point depression; T-Td from other web pages (See below)AATyphoon course scoreFWith typhoon prognosis on webs, Eastern path at your point1.0ASouthern path or just over your point0.5AOthers0.1.

QjClick the "PREDICT" button

2. Results are displayed in the lower textbox in this Java applet.

* Predictions or prognosis are effective within one day duration.

** Caution!: This page shows a research prototype system. * Please, do not use it in real disastrous situation.

** Our laboratory and I are not responsible to your trial use of this Java applet especially in such situation.

* A browser with Java1.1 or later version is needed

3. Another Applet

1) Please check the each check boxes in the next applet iTyphoon CourseAT-Td in 850hpa altitude, each onejand you have prediction results indicated with color changes. Here, T-Td<1.0 means 0.5T-Td<1.0.

2) Prediction Indicator

Red or Pink`VioletFLandslide SusceptibleABlueFModest landslide potentialAGreen`Blue Green: Low landslide potential.

The meteorological data needed here are able to gain from some web sites in the internet.iFor example, http://www.argos-net.co.jp/awc/fx_top.phpj

Typhoon strength (center pressure or instantaneous maximum wind speed) was studied as factors of the prediction, but it has no relation to landslide disasters in my study.

Course: Eastern path or southern path : the typhoon passes on the east or south of your point within approximately 500km. In the latter applet, Eastern path = "East", southern path or just over your point = "South".

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