Forest Environment and Management Science

Our mission is to provide new technology and education for forestry students and peoples on the basis of scientific researches. We believe that caring for the forest and forest environment is one of the top issues for human being to survive. Our research contributions to global changes in environment and resources are rapidly growing up.

Forest Management
Our research focuses on sustainable management of forest resource for production and conservation. Forest resource managements involve a multiple-level research and require a wide variety of skills. For wide level, the researches on national and prefectural wide forest resource inventory and forest monitoring system are needed. A comprehensive forest plan and working systems for various types of forest are needed for sound forest management.

Erosion Control
To mitigate sediment disaster, it is important to forecast the occurrence of landslides, and draw the hazard map in mountainous watershed. As the basic research geomorphological process and interaction between soil and vegetation on slope system are studied. Also some new countermeasures for slope stability and erosion control are designed with revegetation works.

Forest Policy
Research focuses on economic policy which seeks an enhancement in the economic benefits derived from the forest, aiming to increase gross production, productivity and income levels in mountain villages, while maintaining all other functions of the forest which are of public interest. The present policy needs economical and ecological viability, as well as local and global acceptance.

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