Research topics

Research of the natural forest and broad-leaved in Japan

Long-tern forest monitoring and dendrochronological analysis of structure and dynamics of natural Cryptomeria Japonica (Sugi) stands on Yakushima island, also study the future orientation of forest coservarion

Research of sustainale management systems of plantation forests

Study on long-rotational uneven-aged management systems of coniferous plantation

Study on the relation between thinning and growth for old plantation stand in Kyushu area

Study on the planting density

An approach toward high revenue forestry system

Assessing the impact of forest management on sediment disaster

Research of the forest monitoring and assessment

Study on the national-wide forest monitoring system in Japan

Study on quality assurance of forest monitoring at local, national and international levels

The development of new tree volume estimation method using terrestrial laser scanner

Research of sustainavle forest management in south east Asia

Assessing multiple functions of rubber plantations in Cambodia

Is tropical selective logging causing deforestation and forest degradation?

Interdisciplinary impact assessments of illegal logging in both export and import countries towards urgent actions

Sustainable coexistence between people and Elephas maximus under the Myanmar selection system

Study on community forestry in Cambodia

Detection of deforestation and forest degradation using UAV

Fusing Landsat and SAR time series data for monitoring tropical forests