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  There are two courses for international students who are non-Japanese speaker.
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  International Development Research Course: Master and doctor course *click the arrow to jump to link

  Master course Curriculum
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Grobal 30 project
   "G30 core seminar" and "Forest Management" is apartly lectured by academics of our Lab.

  Research theme will be discussed and decided depends on your interest and situations.

Dissertations by international students
FY Name
 2013   Ratih Madya Septiana
Institutional roles of Privately Owned Forest(POF) Management in Indonesia -Comparison of three local organizations in sub-villages level, Gunung Kidul District, Indonesia- [Master]
2012  Kazi Kamrul Islam
Efficacy of Participatory Forest Management on Proverty Alleviation and Sustainable Livelihoods: Findings from Sal Forest, Bangladesh [Doctor]
2010  Aung Kyaw Soe
Local People's Attitudes towards the Community Forestry-The Case Studies in the Central Dry Zone of Myanmar- [Master]
Kamphone Bounthavy
Evaluation on Effectiveness of Rubber Plantation on Local Livelihood Improvement: A Case Study in Luangnamtha and Sing District, Luangnamtha Province, Northern Part of Laos [Master]
 2008  Nguyen Vinh Quang
The tenure policy of national forests for mountaneous people's livelihood and sustainable forest management -The case studies in Vietnam and Japan- [Doctor] 
 2005  Macel Premysl
Analyses of the Policies Related to Forests in the Czech Republic with regards to the Changes during the Transitional Period and EU Accession 〜Impacts of Policy Changes on Forest Owners〜 [Doctor]