Sep. 8, Sun. 9:30-10:30   Registration
  10:30   Opening session
  13:00   Symposium
  Evening    Reception
Sep. 9, Mon. Morning   Oral session
Afternoon  In-conference excursion (half day trip, incl. dinner)
Sep. 10, Tue. Morning  Oral session
  Afternoon  Poster session (Core time) 
    Oral session  
    Division meeting
Sep. 11, Wed. Morning Oral session 
  Afternoon  Oral session
    "Teppo session" ; theme discussion
    Closing session 
  Evening  Farewell party
Sep. 12, Thu. All day  After-conference excursion (2 days trip)
Sep. 13, Fri. All day  After-conference excursion

International Symposium
The world’s forest and forestry from women’s perspective
-Future directions of small-scale and community-based Forestry-
Keynote speaker 
Gender issues in European small-scale forestry
  Gun Lidestav (Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences)
Sitting beneath the canopy - Messages on gender, participation and community forestry-
  Esther Mwangi (Center for International Forestry Research)
Women owning woodland in the United States -Status and trends in Extension outreach and education
   Nicole Strong (Oregon State University Forestry and Natural Resources Extension Service)
Gender relations and the role of women's groups in Japan's forest and forestry sector
   Noriko Sato (Kyushu University)
Toshiyuki Tsuchiya
(Chairman of the Japanese Forest Economic Society, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Tschnology)
**The symposium will be opened for general Japanese participants with simultaneous interpretation.

Presentation Program

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