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Research Concept

     Asian forest issue is tight related to urgent issue of global warming, biodiversity, and poverty allevation, and stretched forest had highly required international cooperation with vision of East Asian Community by Japanese government.

     Now a day most important global issue had represented by global warming which is urgent task for whole nations. For this, some right of resource management have been transferred from central government to local community. Therefore, establishment of
"Sustainable Community Based Resource Management (SCBRM)" is necessary to achieve both goals for improving the livelihood of local people and solving international issues.

     Many local communities of the world utilize and/or manage
"Forest Resources" which was located near from their settlements, and Community Forestry greatly contribute to improve the livelihood of millions poor peoples. Forest resources do not exist at isolated scale, but they do while they are interacting with others. For example, sustainability of forest resources are firmly related to agriculture (land use change from forest to farm land), and illegal mining leads to deforestation. In addition, while "Human Resources" is the main bodies to manage each resources and influence to resource management, furthermore, each resource contribute to keep and improve quality of human resources.

     In other sense, there are many cases of local resources which are embedded a new value by managing local resources sustainabily. For example, "Cultural Resources" is unique characteristic of local community that has created new sightseeing industry called "Eco-tourism". On the other hand, "Genetic Resources" as a result of concervation of biodiversity, "REDD (Reducing Emission from Deforestation and forest Degradation", and "PES (Payment for Environmental Services)" are representing as good examples. These local resources are embedding new value and called
"New Type Resources" that are premised on managing "Conventional Type Resources" sustainably.

     Therefore, this project will be conducted with considering
"Proximate Factors" and "Underlying Driving Factors" and/or "Interaction between organization and areas" which have a influence on each local resource management.